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A Close Encounter of the Best Kind

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

How fortunate am I that I got to spend time with Nick and Lins of Naked Wanderings? If you have seen their YouTube content, you’ll notice how lively and excited they are about the adventure they’re experiencing. What’s great about these two creators is that they behave exactly the same as they appear in their videos. It’s not a front or pretence they act out. It is who they are. I think that they are a great example of humans being human beings.

Nick and Lins are the most authentic and honest people I have met in this world of human doings trying to impress everyone. They are down to earth and full of life. I think that’s why I love their videos so much.

In the brief time we had together, I had an opportunity to find out what motivates them to be content creators promoting naturism, and the answer was that they love the adventures they experience, travelling the world and meeting interesting people. Oh, and spending quality nude time in some of the world's most remote and beautiful parts.

We had a great discussion about Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, where we met, and all of the great people found there that make the park one of their favourite destinations. They explained that they’d been here only one time previously, but when they arrived, they felt like they were coming home. What an incredible compliment.

I got to watch as they worked at creating their next video. The enthusiasm and excitement they expressed as they worked were fun to see. It’s no wonder they are as popular in the Naturist world as they are. I had a boost of life-giving energy just being in the presence of these wonderful people doing what they love doing.

These two human beings benefit humanity by informing the general public about these exceptional, out-of-the-average tourist destinations where they experience absolute freedom and connection to Mother Earth and Nature. Most human doings go to destinations that they can afford. All-inclusive, textile mandatory, mundane, same-same locations where they can binge drink and overindulge in food but never experience absolute freedom. Nick and Lins show people how to experience amazing vacations on a budget and get big bangs for their bucks.

I asked Nick and Lins what I could do to help them promote their videos and Naturism in general, and the first thing they said was to jump out of the closet. In other words, bite the bullet and let everyone I come into contact with know that I’m a Naturist or Nudist and engage them in conversation. Be bold on social media, and don’t let criticism or ridicule deter me from being an advocate for Nature, Mother Earth and living life naturally. If you’re a Naturist or Nudist, I would love to see you do the same thing. Join us and unite in making the world a naked haven. Let’s be human beings again.

I loved Nick and Lins before I met them, but now, I have a serious appreciation for these two magnificent human beings and can say that I love them completely. I want to be as free as they are. I want to be just like them when I grow up. I want the world to be just like them.

Support them on Patreon. They're doing great work educating the world about its beauty and where we can experience authentic human life.


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Wayne Malleau
Wayne Malleau
Sep 15, 2023


Sep 15, 2023
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