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Naked, Shameless, Human and Free
(Copy Right 2023)

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Available now in paperback, hardcover, and e-book.  Audiobook soon to be released.

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Do you think we are being human beings?  I believe we’ve become human doings.  We are enslaved to money.  We’re not living to live; we’re living to work.  At least, that’s what I’ve experienced in North America. I think we are walking a living death and reacting to our environment and circumstances.  We’ve been doing that for thousands of years, and it’s become our accepted way of being.  It’s one bad habit that we should collectively strive to change.  I think we forget to experience what we want to experience.  We take our intrinsic connection to Nature, our lives, and our bodies for granted.  We never learn to realize that we have a lot to give to make this world a better place for ourselves and the people in our sphere of influence.  But when we come to this realization, our lives change.  Overcoming adversity is what life is about.  Without adversity, life would be meaningless.  Failing gets us to grow.  One of the things I’ve learned is that I only have this moment right now to make a difference.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, and that’s why it is called the present.” ~ Master Oogway.

Naturism is a philosophy.  It has no dogma, but some basic rules we follow aren’t constricting.  The rules are made of common sense.  Simple rules like go ahead and look, but don’t stare, sit on a towel, and be respectful.  Not that hard, right?  There are other common sense values and behaviours which Naturists follow that I’ll discuss further in the following chapters.  

My gratitude for you reading this volume cannot be overstated.  Your time is valuable, and I am so grateful that you picked up this book and decided to read it.  I hope it helps to increase your awareness of who you are and how you fit into your world and that you can control your thoughts and, therefore, your life.

I am not a scholar.  I’m not a learned person.  I’m a Nudist who uses the term Naturist to describe my attitude toward freedom.  I believe that I am part of Nature, that I am Nature personified, just like every human being in existence.  I have over half a century of life experiences to express on these pages, and I hope my writings will help free minds and, therefore, the world.

I’m an educator (without papers).  Which means I am engaged in leading people out of ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing.  I don’t know how to fly a plane or bake a cake; therefore, I’m ignorant of those topics.  I intend on staying that way too.  I love flying, but I’m better off letting someone who loves operating a plane do it for me.  I’m ignorant on many topics.  I’m an expert at fixing mechanical things.  I have over 40 years of experience in repairing and designing equipment.  I can create procedures to follow to repair ANYTHING that is mechanically broken.  I’m an expert at living life.  I should be.  I’ve lived for better than six decades and have survived.  I’m not perfect at it, but I get a little better at it every day by studying myself.  I can help and have helped people live happier, healthier lives by providing them with all the information they need to change their lives if that’s what they want.  What makes me an expert?  Living as long as I have and employing the knowledge I’ve gained to change my life.

You don’t necessarily have to have a university degree or a piece of wallpaper saying you’ve studied a particular subject at school to be an expert. An expert is someone who has studied a topic sufficiently to be able to talk about that subject with authority. I don’t know if skilled fishermen with TV shows have diplomas, but they have excellent tips and tricks for landing “The Big One.”  Would you listen to such a person if you wanted to catch fish even though he hasn’t a diploma or degree in angling?

I know, through experience, that meandering the world without purpose leads to illness.  Mental illness leads to physical illness, which manifests as emotional and physical pain.  I can talk with great authority on this subject.  I used to consider myself the Captain of the Canadian Olympic Couch Potato Team.  I was a meandering meat bag.  A SELFISH MEAT BAG! I did whatever came next, and I was so selfish that the only things I did were the things necessary to bail me out of the predicament I found myself in.  The plight I created for myself.

I used to blame my environment and circumstances for the state of my life.  I’d blame anyone or anything but myself.  I never took responsibility for myself.  I didn’t know how to do that.  No one taught me until I was 51 years old.  I just did what everyone else was doing.  When I learned to take responsibility for myself, my life changed.

I have very learned friends.  I consider them intellectuals because they have been schooled in conventional ways and clearly understand the difference between science and pseudoscience.  I’ve known one since my young adult life, and I find what he is studying fascinating and well worth understanding.  Quantum Physics is a realm where I only have basic knowledge; he teaches me more at every gathering.  His wife, also a very learned person, is a psychiatrist.  She has abundant knowledge in her field of study and is very successful.  I admire these people who can, through science and mathematics prove theories of the existence of the Unified Field and, through an understanding of physiology and the workings of the mind, can help struggling people.

It is my privilege to be associated with my friends.  They accept me as I am.  They do not try to persuade me to change my behaviour.  They listen to me, and I listen to them.  We have great fun discussing the secrets of the Unified Field and the mind.  I miss them when we are apart, and I revel in the joy of their company when we are together.

I have studied personal development for more than ten years, and my discoveries about myself have been revealing.  I have read many books on the subject and follow great new thought leaders like Tony Robins, Mel Robins, Dr. Joe Dispenza and the man who started me on my personal development journey, Bob Proctor.  These people talk about the same ideas but from their perspectives.  I use their ideas to change my thoughts and can now state without fear that I am free.

Many more people have affected my thought processes, and I should mention them. Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, was Bob Proctor’s guide from age 26 until his death in February 2022.  Bob read Think and Grow Rich every day without fail.  He considered the book his bible.  Bob was a multi-millionaire at the time of his death, and his legacy will continue to be timeless and help many people find freedom.  Bob worked for Earl Nightingale, whom Napoleon Hill mentored.  Bob introduced me to many writers, such as Wallace D. Wattles, James Allen, Genevieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, Raymond Holliwell, and Florence Scovel Shinn.  My learned friends introduced me to Bertrand Russel and Richard Dawkins.  Many more authors have helped me reshape my brain.  Their ideas have allowed me to break old synaptic connections and create new ones that have brought balance and serenity into my life.

Nudism has always been part of my life. My recollection of my birth is quite fuzzy.  I was very young at that time.  However, I can be pretty sure that I was born naked.  Naked, natural, free, healthy, and alive.  My mental faculties were new, and I was ignorant of their existence and my own.  I had to rely on my parents to provide all the necessities of life.  All I wanted was to be loved and feel secure.  There were some good but primarily terrible methods that my parents employed to help me develop and keep me on their straight and narrow path.  I’ll describe those later.

I hate wearing clothes.  It’s not natural, and it causes dis-ease.  I hyphenate that word because I believe there is no such thing as disease.  What I’m experiencing when I’m ill is a body that is not at ease but a body in a state of dis-ease. Illness is an inevitable result of dis-ease. Whether on the spiritual, intellectual, or physical plane, imbalance will cause dis-ease of the body, mind, or spirit. In later chapters, I’ll describe my deductions on how we became a society of dis-eased bodies.

My mother often tried to embarrass me, with much success in my youth, in front of my family and friends by regaling stories of me as a toddler shedding my clothes and running down the street or beach.  Now I regale that story and wear it like a badge of honour.  I was naked, shameless, human and free.  Her ridicule didn’t deter me from being naked.  I think it backfired.  Her determination to keep me clothed just made it fun to be rebellious.  It was titillating to be naked when I knew I wasn’t following the rules.  

Every day when the opportunity arises to shed my skins of oppression, my body feels a deep sense of relief.  I shed those sweaty, often stinky, clothes, shower away the dirt and bacteria that have accumulated on my skin, and feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  When I feel that something is good and right, I know I am doing what is natural and healthy.  I know when I’m doing something wrong, when I feel bad before I do it, and guilty after I’ve done it.  No one has ever needed to tell me right from wrong.  It’s in human DNA.  Religionists do not have a monopoly on morality.  You can’t make money from something Nature provides.

Nonsexual, communal nudity is normal and natural.  When you are naked, you can do no harm, and your mind is open to accepting others for who they are, not what they are.  You’re more inclined to tolerate and desire to learn about different cultures.  You're more open to forgiving differing perspectives.  You're more loving and compassionate.  These ideas are the essence of human life.


I believe that most humans are enslaved.  We bend to the rules of others so that we can toil our lives away, eking out an existence.  While the oligarchs, religionists, and their buddies, the pandering politicians, live lavishly and achieve their wealth on the backs of us, their minions.  There needs to be balance in our cultures.  We’ve become polluting, natural resource-plundering vermin on this planet, and Mother Earth is paying a hefty toll for our poor thinking.  My goal is to help others think better.  I’m not perfect at thinking, but I am trying to be a little better at it today than I was yesterday.  I can confidently say that I am thinking better today than I did ten years ago.

A religionist is a controlling person.  They lust for power and control over others.  They use criticism and ridicule to try and shame people into behaving the way they believe their scriptures tell them all people should behave.  They are self-proclaimed adjutants of God, interpreters and keepers of scripture.  

A religious person believes in their scriptures without being controlled by a religionist and accepts and tolerates other people’s perspectives and beliefs.  

A human being sees a person with religious beliefs and loves that person no matter their beliefs, political views, or how out of the ordinary they may behave.

I don’t believe that humans are free.  Not as free as they think they are.  I’ve observed my life to this point.  I’ve seen things in me that I don’t like.  I find that I was enslaved.  I was enslaved to money, and because of that, I toiled and worked hard to earn enough to meet my needs, but I never had enough to be free.  Money, in my opinion, is the root cause of slavery.  Avarice, the insatiable desire for material wealth or financial gain, is a human construct that has enslaved all humans.  Avarice is practiced by oligarchs who pay politicians to bend to their will.

Bob Proctor and Dr. Joe Dispensza made me aware that we are all energetic, or spiritual, beings on our journey back to the unified field. Most humans are sleepwalking, and I was no different years ago. I’ve had an awakening, and I want to help others wake up. I want to help people become aware of who they are and what purpose they can give themselves. Everyone is on their own path, and awareness of the journey makes a difference in a person’s life.

Something that needs to be said upfront is that nudity is not the end result or the goal of being a Naturist.  Nudity is a tool we use, and anyone can employ it.  It helps us become comfortable with our bodies and our natural way of being.  We understand there is no such thing as a perfect body, but there is a vast variety of them.  We stop judging each other because of our physical makeup and tend to see the individual and become more tolerant, accepting, forgiving, and loving.  We stop objectifying each other.  When you’re naked, you are being authentic.  You’re not hiding behind your clothes, but you can be a naturist with your clothes on.


My mentor taught me that there are eight billion plus brains on the planet, and no two think the exact same thoughts.  Open-mindedness is vitally essential to being a Naturist and successful in life.  Being respectful to others wins your respect.  It’s a win-win situation when you visit a Naturist park.

The whole premise of this book is to promote reconnection physically to Mother Earth through nudity, intellectually reconnect to one’s self, and spiritually reconnect to Nature.  It is about being authentic to one’s self.  Have a good body self-image.  Relieve stress.  Live harmoniously with everyone.  Be FREE!

You’ll find that I repeat myself in this book.  The things I repeat are well worth reading again, so I make no apologies for it.

Please enjoy reading it, and I wish you well on your journey back to Nature.


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