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A Note of Clarification

In my writings, I talk about “religionists.” I’m not talking about religious people; I’m talking about those religious people who wield power over others. The ones that say, “You must behave the way I tell you. You must believe, without question, what I tell you to believe.” They are part of the group of people I declare as controlists.

I believe in my heart that people are allowed to believe what they wish to accept. Quite frankly, I cannot make someone believe something they don’t want to consider. I can educate them about my perspective, but it is inhuman to force my belief on someone just so that they feel included in a community. It’s immoral.

There are many good things to be read in the scriptures of all belief systems. It’s the bad stuff I disagree with.

Please believe what you will and if we disagree, let’s agree to disagree and continue to be friends because we are nudists or naturists. I respect your choice, and I wish nothing but goodwill for you.


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