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Authentic and Real

There’s a secret to being happy, and that’s to be authentic. Our cultures inhibit our natural behaviour because of mass-accepted ideologies and archaic rules. Most of the rules were created tens of thousands of years ago and have been passed down from generation to generation.

I recommend that everyone take pen and paper and review the rules they live by. Taking into account everything they have learned about acceptable behaviour. Many of the rules will likely be found to be bovine scat.

Here’s a secret that I’m only just starting to employ. I was told about this ten years ago, but I never had the understanding or the calmness of mind to apply this secret. To be truly free, one has to create their own rules.

I use the rules that my parents, teachers, clergy, peers, and lawmakers made for me that allow me to conduct myself successfully. But I dropped the restrictive bullshit that caused feelings of guilt, remorse, regret and inadequacy. That’s right. They provided the rules that forced me to behave as they wanted. It made me feel like I was pigeonholed into a box I didn’t fit. I did it because I lacked conscious awareness of what I was thinking.

The “Bro-code” is a pile of ridiculous human ideology passed down from boy to boy as we mature, forcing boys to behave in unhealthy and unnatural ways. Boys turn into men with ridiculous programming and excuses for bad, sometimes criminal behaviour. It is an unwritten book of fucked up rules that stop boys and men from being authentic and natural. It’s time to flush those ideas from the minds of males like flushing shit, describing it perfectly, down the toilet. Be free. Be you. Be authentic.

I never liked wearing clothes, but they told me I had to because it was a sin to be naked. It caused me to feel confused and frustrated in my younger years. It made me feel like I was a bad boy, or God would punish me if I took off my clothes outside the bathroom. My biggest fear was angry parents. I wanted to win my parent's love, so I behaved the way I thought would make them love me. But as I matured and grew my higher mental faculty of reason, I understood that what feels right is right. Being naked is right.

Being naked is natural. My body was constantly telling me that nudity wasn’t a sin. It always felt good to be naked, allowing the sun and the air to touch my skin. Other things feel good, like sex, eating good food, and celebrating life by singing and dancing. Dancing naked by the campfire during the summer solstice or walking naked with friends through Bare Oaks are beautiful experiences and liberatingly natural.

I wrote my own rules. They’re not yours, and I don’t expect anyone else to feel comfortable following my rules. But, I take responsibility for following my rules by controlling my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I think before I speak. I think before I take action. “Is what I’m about to do an appropriate behaviour for this place at this time?” This is my favourite question. It makes me consciously aware of myself, my environment, and whom my actions may affect.

Ten years ago, I had an awakening, and now I can confidently say I am free. I’ve made my own rules, and I love my life. I want to live for another 60 years to accomplish my goal of setting the world free. Freedom, to me, is taking responsibility for my life and actions and doing good things that do not infringe on the rights of others. Freedom is having the right to choose appropriate behaviour and following my heart. Freedom is being authentic, vulnerable, and loving. Freedom is practicing tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, and expressing love for all things and everyone.

I have simple, uncomplicated rules. I do not overthink. I follow my heart, which has never and will never steer me wrong. Freedom is being authentic, vulnerable, responsible, seeking and expressing the truth as I understand it, and willing to change my perspective when proven incorrect.

Naked and free is all I want to be.


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