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World Naked Bike Ride

Updated: May 23

I keep repeating myself in these blogs, But I think what I say is worth repeating. I talk a lot about personal development and how it can affect your life. Sometimes I run out of ideas. What happens then is there's a gap in posting. Being consistent with my blog is challenging.

What I'd like to talk about today is promoting Nudism and Naturism. I don't think we get out in the face of the public enough. I took part in the World Naked Hike last year, but we were hiking on a trail that isn't a high-use, high-profile trail. It's secluded and, I hate saying this, safe for nude hiking. There are no crowds, cameras, or TV news channels covering the event. There's no hope of educating the public, which, I think, these events are all about.

So this year, I will participate in the World Naked Bike Ride. I know what you're thinking, "You're an exhibitionist Izaera!" and no, I am not. I'm a human being, and I think we humans are not being human. Over the millennia we have become human doings. We don't do anything in a natural way and that includes wearing clothes. We don't walk anywhere. We drive everywhere. I don't care how efficient and non-polluting manufacturers claim their gas-guzzling cars are, they still pollute and that fact that there are more cars produced every day it means that the non-polluting efficiency is being offset by the shear numbers of cars on the road. Humans need to reverse that. We need to come up with solutions to polluting and killing Mother Earth. That's why the World Naked Bike Ride is so important.

We want to draw attention to these facts. After World War II, the suburbanization of Toronto started to take shape. Next thing we know, people commute from the suburbs into Toronto by car. Toronto already had narrow streets, and the cars that were there were already causing traffic congestion and smog issues. Toronto tried to keep up with the flow of traffic by widening roads, but the public transportation system was neglected and seen as an albatross around the neck of the city. Even today the public transit system severely lacks subway links, and surface routes are slow because of the traffic congestion and unreliable. Bike lanes do not exist. Bike paths and trails are not interconnected, so cycling from one suburb to the next on the road or sidewalks is necessary. In Toronto, where the operators of vehicles are thinking about anything but operating the weapons of mass destruction they are behind the wheel of, makes cycling on the road life-threatening.

So to promote world peace, the human right to breath clean air, and reduce the number of cars on the road, I think the WNBR is a good way to increase the awareness of all of these issues as well as promoting global peace, Nudism, Naturism, and becoming human beings again.

Wanting to participate in the WNBR, I needed to buy a bike. I hadn't ridden in years. I purchased my bike on April 24th and I thought I'd have 8 weeks or so to get into shape for the ride. As it turned out it rained for the next two weeks daily. I was also scheduled to have my hernias repaired late in May and on the 3rd I got a call from the surgeons office who offered to do my procedure earlier in May. That put me out of riding for 4 weeks. I guess that's ok because by the time I get to riding the nicer weather will be upon me and I'll still be able to participate in the WNBR.

There's a secondary, but more important reason I want to ride again and that is the issue of my body not being in top notch shape. My heart works well enough to keep my alive but I want to improve my heart, and overall health, and I can't see a better way to do cardio than to sit on a bike and ride for an hour to get me to work, go to the library (Yes, it's one of my favourite places now), or go for a cup of coffee. Instead of polluting the air with my car I can give the air a chance to rejuvenate. I know, it's a drop in the ocean but it's my drop and if we all make a drop of a difference, we'll have eight billion drops. That's a significant change.

Naked is good. Promoting global peace and supporting Mother Earth is necessary. Doing it naked, in the inner city, draws attention. Public attention must be made to our toxic human behaviour. Only through awareness can change be made. Participate in the WNBR that's near you or organize one in your home town or city. NUDIST AND NATURISTS UNITE!


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