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Freedom Wears No Clothes

Freedom wears no clothes. It’s transparent. It’s seeking and speaking the truth. It projects no false pretences. It’s open-mindedness, having the ability to change perspective and accept a different viewpoint when you know someone else is right. Freedom displays the natural beauty of the human body in all its variety. Freedom is standing naked in the sun, barefoot on the grass, connected to Mother Earth, feeling her wind caress every inch of your body, smelling the air, hearing the music of birdsong and wind rustling in the leaves.

Freedom is making choices that move oneself to act in a way that moves forward. Freedom is selecting what rules to dismiss and what rules to make that promote success. Freedom is acting in such a way that one can achieve anything they want without infringing on the rights of others. Freedom is co-creating a future that benefits all humanity, Mother Earth, and Nature.

Nature is freedom. The Universe is freedom. The Unified Field is freedom. None wear clothes or decorate themselves to be what they are not.

Freedom is knowing what feelings one is experiencing and having the ability to change one's emotional state to something better if one chooses to do so. Freedom is liberating the body from illness and maintaining homeostasis. Freedom is expressing love freely. Freedom is expressing compassion and empathy without concern for facing criticism or ridicule. Freedom is crying by being moved by beauty and experiencing peace and harmony. Freedom is being authentic.

Freedom takes control away from outside entities, institutions, and power-lusting people. Freedom is controlling personal behaviour in a manner that benefits humanity, heals Mother Earth, and secures peace and harmony amongst all people.

Freedom comes from within. Not from the environment or circumstances or external entities or money. Freedom is not giving a flying fuck about what others think and driving personal effort to create a life of effortlessly doing what one loves to do, providing useful service to others in a manner that allows one to experience fulfilment. Naked, shameless, human, and FREE.


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