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Global Naked Peace

Oh, what a dream! (I said it like that because “I have a dream!” was already taken.) Being naked all day long doing what I love to do and sharing all that I know with the world and people who want to work with me to create global peace. YOU HAVE TO TRY BEING NAKED! It’s liberating. It’s physically healthy. It’s mentally healthy. It’s spiritually pure. It’s physical freedom. It’s the way humans are supposed to be. No pretences. No hiding. I’ve learned to love life and express my authentic self. Yes, I have daily challenges, and I occasionally stoop to old negative ways of thinking, and when I become aware of that, I think about my naked life. I think about how to serve others and the beauty of a naked, peaceful, co-creative global society, and my mood rises. I take care of the challenges, learn from them, and grow from the experience. I love my naked life and do all I can to promote peace and harmony through Nudism and Naturism.

Do you think humans live naturally? Most of us are letting the people in authority control our behaviour. For every region, and every community in the world, human behaviour is dictated by those who have power over the population. Politicians pander to the oligarchs and religionists, creating laws that force people to behave as these institutions and powerful people dictate. That’s not right. We’re not being authentic in our lives. At the core of our DNA, we have four fundamental values common to all humans—Tolerance, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Love. We have one unifying quality, and that is that we are human beings. What bothers me is that most people know we have these values, but they fail to exercise them. Most people react to their circumstances and the environment they are in.

Why is that? We are conditioned by our environments, by those in authority (the people we give power to), to live in a state of fear of criticism. You can see it in our community. People want to be Naturists, and they want to share images of their naked experiences and life. Still, they blur or hide the faces in those images because they fear possible negative repercussions if someone in authority or a relative finds out they’re Naturists. They imagine the negative repercussions of living their authentic life. What a shame that we feel shame about being natural and wanting to live a life free from worry and doubt.

Nature placed us on this planet to help it manifest all it wants to create. It gave human beings higher intellectual faculties to use in fantastic ways to maintain order and balance on this planet. Nature placed us here to be Mother Earth's custodians and live free.

We can manifest a planet free of pollution and has an abundance of food, water, energy, and LOVE. If we teach people to reconnect to Nature, listen to their hearts, and make efforts to envision the life they want, set goals, inspire others, take action, and manifest a world unlike the one we now have, things will change.

My question is, where are all the people who think the same way and are willing to take action to make global peace a reality and global nudism a path to peace? Who are the people who don’t give a damn about what the other non-thinking people criticize us over?


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