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Happy Nude Year!

Everyone talks about this. With the arrival of a new year, there are new beginnings. There’s excitement with the idea that the new year will be better than the last. We often let the old year dictate what the new year will be. We drag the old year into the new year, and we cannot tell the difference by January second. So what happens? I can attest to this because I lived it for 50 years.

New year’s eve is a great time to celebrate! Getting together with friends, partying, and being intoxicated on the substance of choice. We dance, we sing, we talk about a lot of stuff. We rejoice in the good things we experienced and want to re-experience them in the new year. We weep for loved ones that have left us. We make resolutions that disappear as the hangovers get better.

As the new year returns to the old year, we wonder why we aren’t seeing any improvement in our lives and think we are not meant to be free, wealthy, healthy, and, least of all, happy. But the opposite is how Nature meant us to be. Free of worry and doubt, communally co-creating great things, and experiencing the freedom of expressing ourselves in a manner that makes us feel good.

When we were forced to wear clothes by the people who lust for control over us, we lost our ability to think for ourselves. We stopped thinking and let the controlists dictate how to act instead of thinking for ourselves and acting with acceptable behaviour. We gave that power to the oligarchs, religionists, and politicians thousands of years ago.

I’ve learned that thinking means becoming aware of who we are. It means deciding what sort of life we want and then believing in ourselves enough to manifest the life we imagine—daring to take the steps toward creating that life and seeing how things unfold as we travel that path.

It starts with thinking on paper and writing down how we want our new year to manifest—having a great passion for seeing it happen and for having all that we want—getting emotionally involved with the end result. Imagine who we need to become to have what we want and then act like that person. Before you know it, our results start to change.

Imagine a naked world. People wearing the clothes they choose to wear when they want to wear them. Imagine people actually seeing a person instead of a body. People talking together, connecting intellectually with each other and planning ways to create peace and freedom for everyone.

Can you imagine a world where the rules are, love all things and everyone unconditionally, be who you are, contribute all you can, give generously of your talents and abilities, use what you need and leave the rest, and receive graciously in humility and love? Utopia? Hopefully. Possible? Definitely. Probable? Certainly, if we all learn HOW to think instead of accepting WHAT others tell us to believe.

Think about it.


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