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There I was at a naked world event. I won’t say which one because someone might feel like they’re being singled out. Let’s say it was a bike ride. I was in a crowd of naked people. We were all preparing and waiting for the event to begin. I was standing on the fringe of the gathering, near where the looky-loos and depraved textiles live, having a friendly conversation with one of my fellow participants. Suddenly, from the crowd of textiles comes a shrill voice saying, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves!”

I turned to look and saw a very upset, what I can only describe as an elderly female minion who was visibly upset. I was 59 then, and I’d say she was a few years younger than me physically but ancient and withered in her dress and words. I asked her why I should feel shame at all, and she said, “Your behaviour is against the law, and it’s not what proper people do!” I squared up to her and said, “Ma’am, It’s not me that should be ashamed of my behaviour; it’s you who should be.”

As I expected, this caused her to be outraged, and she turned red in the face, but before she could speak her next foulness, I continued. “I’m a human being, behaving the way I was born to behave. I’m not a minion who was corrupted in my thinking at birth to behave the way that some religious institution dictates I should behave. I’m sorry that I don’t fit into your box of normal. How dare you try to control our behaviour when you don't control yourself.” I continued, “I wasn’t born to conform to some ancient institutions’ rules, boundaries, and limitations; I was born to make a difference in the world. As a human, I’m not supposed to conform; I’m supposed to STAND OUT and make a difference.”

“Well, what you are doing is not right, and you should be arrested!” she said, and I replied, “How dare you try to force me to behave the way you say is “NORMAL”? Your tiny little box of normal is not normal at all. You’re as immoral as hell trying to force others to behave how you want them to. You have a right to believe what you want, but your small-mindedness is no better than that of an oppressive regime or institution that would point a gun at me and say behave or die.” I continued, “I have a right to be authentic and to express myself as a human being and be free. Why would I even consider conforming to a tiny, mindless community just because you say so? Look at the way you dress. You wear the same clothes that other people who think like you do. You're a sheep. You fit in. You look frumpy and old wearing those clothes and by how you talk.” I glanced over at her companion, and he was desperately trying to hide a smirk. “I feel sorry for you,” I said.

“Why don’t you take a chance to discover true freedom, ma’am, and join us? It’s easy to do, liberating and doesn’t cost a dime. You’ll save money on laundry detergent and reduce the pollution you put into the environment. Don’t you want to do something good for Mother Earth?” I paused to think and breathe and said, “Your body is yours. You cannot look like anyone else. No one else can look like you when you’re naked. Why don’t you step out of the crowd and be authentic?”

I held my hand out as an invitation to step into freedom, but her small mind forced her to turn and disappear into the crowd, some of whom were applauding. I turned to them and said, “I invite you all to become human right here, right now. Take off your clothes, feel the breeze, take a deep breath and be as calm as the trees. Let go of fear because it’s poisonous to the human body and fall into being authentic and free. It’s like stepping off the curb of conformity.”

Taking ownership of being a proud nudist takes the power of the sheeple away. Don’t conform. Stand out and take up your right to be naked and free.

The preceding was a depiction of an actual occurrence with similar results and was not necessarily accurate to the moment.


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