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I Love Being Naked

I absolutely love being naked. I do not recall a time when I said, “I want to wear these clothes forever.” I don’t believe anyone would want to wear clothing for more than eight hours. Yeah, I like to get dressed up to celebrate an occasion or to attend an event, but that’s only for a few hours, and that’s ok. But I want to be naked for most of my waking hours. There’s a sense of oppression when I wear the uniform I’m supplied to earn my income as I work. I do dangerous work, and my body must be protected, so I begrudgingly wear clothes.

When I’m naked, I feel connected to Mother Earth. I become more aware of my senses and enjoy what I’m experiencing. I feel alive and part of the universe, connected to Nature. My stress levels are subzero. I feel free and in balance. Being naked outdoors increases these feelings; to me, it’s just right, natural, and fulfilling. I know that I am supposed to be like this, and all the lessons from the religionists, teachers, politicians, and my parents that said being naked is dirty or evil or illegal become dogma that is dismissed and left to rot for the bullshit it is.

It’s mid-January of 2023. I’m 61 years old. I had a few days off work during the holiday season, and I always use this time to reflect on the past year and review how I changed. Ten years ago, I started to study myself. I became philosophical about life and how I’ve used what I learned to change from who I was to who I am today. I didn’t have to look far into the past. I just had to look at how I behaved yesterday. Growth comes in small steps, but over time significant changes happen.

I sat naked in my apartment, thinking about nudity and why I loved it so much. I asked questions like: Is it sexually titillating? Am I an exhibitionist? Is it wrong or right? How do people perceive me when I say I’m a nudist? What am I supposed to accomplish by being a nudist?

Some of the answers I came up with were: Yes, to a certain extent, it is titillating but not uncontrollably. Again, there is an element of excitement to display my naked body. Still, that excitement comes from breaking the bullshit rules I was polluted with as a child. At a time when I was so young, my faculty of reason had not been developed, so I couldn’t decide what was true or false. I accepted all the shit crammed into my consciousness by well-meaning but gullible people and followed their rules because I wanted to feel loved and be a good boy. They told me my genitals were dirty. They told me that nudity was only for bathing and sex. Sex was only done to procreate. Breaking those rules is exciting.

Yes, it is right to be naked. It’s natural. It’s healthy. It’s NORMAL. All the rules about having to wear clothes were made by people who want to control others. I call them “Controlists.” They made nudity dirty in their minds and enforced their rules through the use of violence and threats of eternal damnation, so naturally, people would follow the rules to avoid criticism and violence. Part of my excitement is saying, “Fuck you, controlists!” and vocally telling them to get their shit together and physically showing them that there is nothing sexual or dirty about being naked.

As you can see, I am passionate about this. There is no freedom, clothed or naked if we continue to allow the controlists to have their way. When I decided to be a vocal advocate of nudism, I thought there might be repercussions, like getting fired from my job or criticism from my family or friends. I was worried about how I would be perceived in their minds. My mentor said, “What they think has nothing to do with you. Put it out of your mind.” He meant that most people don’t think. They have mental activity reacting to their environment and circumstances and would spend very little time thinking about me at all. That was liberating. When I tell people that I’m a nudist, their reaction is usually, “Oh… that’s interesting.” I have never received a reprimand or criticism from anyone I’ve said that to. They may think it, but they don’t vocalize it. I also notice that I get them thinking by the look on their faces. Now I’ve come to a point where I think, “I don’t give a hot damn about what you think. This is me. Be my friend and support me or leave. Criticize or ridicule me, and I’ll forgive you because I know you’re small-minded and are being controlled by the religionists, oligarchs, and politicians.

What I want to accomplish as a nudist, no, as a human being, is to help others find their path to freedom. Naked or clothed matters not. I want them to do as I did. Sit down and review how they’ve grown, if at all, over some time and help them build the life they want to experience. All I want to do is be naked, free, and help others. I want to be a good person. I want to live in peace and harmony, doing what I can to help others do the same.


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