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Living by the Rules of Human Beings (AKA Laws of Nature)

What is freedom? It’s living without fear, stress, struggle, and oppression. Peaceful, carefree, and easy. But what our various cultures have done, which is global, is that humans have become slaves. This happened so slowly that it’s almost insidious in its development.

Tens of thousands of years ago, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of years ago, we started to develop this need for material wealth. We began to believe that we humans were above all other species on this planet, and to an extent, this is true, but we are no better than any other species. While learning to gather material things, we forgot how to be human beings and started being human doings. We placed material wealth high on the list of things to work toward. We began to make material wealth a measurement of stature and position in the hierarchy of our communities. We began to think that the one who dies with the most possessions is the winner. These ideas diverted us from our freedom and well-being. When we talk about religion or politics, we introduce separation. But science unites people. Science is factual. Empirical proof of reality that no one can dispute, therefore unifying.

Our life’s goals became establishing a high ranking and power over others in the hierarchy of our various communities. We stopped co-creating and started looking for easy ways to provide for ourselves and our families. Our lust for power directly involved the enslavement of others. Even in minor ways, our behaviour started to turn toward telling others what to think and what rules to obey. Those who broke the rules or did something against the elders’ beliefs of acceptable behaviour were reprimanded, criticized, and ridiculed, which shamed offenders into conformity, and if none of those tactics worked, they were physically punished or excommunicated from the community and possibly the planet.

Along came deityism (I created a new word. You can use it if you like). Now, not only did the community's people have to abide by the elders' rules, but they also had to follow the rules of deities, which were given the most significant authority over everyone by the self-proclaimed, earth-bound leaders who professed to be the keepers and soul interpreters of divinely written scripture passed to them or some other source from a deity. Now, just being was no longer possible.

These rules and dogma became the guide for behaving appropriately. They also became the restrictions that created stress due to feelings of guilt for failing to abide by these rules in all individuals. It started stress because we were no longer allowed to be who we were supposed to be; we now had to make others happy by behaving as they told us to, pigeonholing us into a box of conformity no one fits into. Tyranny reigned and, in some communities, still reigns powerfully.

Freedom was given a false definition. Freedom ended.

Evolution has brought us to where we are. Cultural divisions were created because of these rules. Geography and language created barriers, and materialism reinforced the separation. Fear of loss of control, property, and material wealth created the need for defence, and violence was the chosen approach to protect property, the elders and the deity leader’s authority. Immoral laws restricting natural living were designed and created to punish those who did not conform.

Oligarchy and their avarice created the acts of conquering other civilizations to plunder their wealth and enslave them. Times have changed, but the methods are still the same. We have learned nothing as we have evolved. The methods have become more subtle but are still being employed. Countries use armies to invade other countries, and the only ones that benefit are the oligarchs of the bullet and bomb makers, war machine makers, and banks. Governments don’t win. People experiencing poverty suffer. The wealthy are unaffected, and taxpayers pay the price. It’s disgusting when you think about it.

How can we resolve this? What can we do to end slavery and return to being human beings again? There are solutions if we try to avoid overthinking things. One of our worst problems is that we overthink everything. Solving challenges is as simple as sitting down with each other and bouncing positive ideas around. But the problem is that we seem pessimistic and interject negative ideas, which usually scuttles positive ones. Co-creation is crucial to the resurrection of peace and freedom for all. Positive ideas lead to more positive ideas. Acting on those ideas must result in positive outcomes.

Scientists try to come up with elegant solutions to a question. They know they have found the correct answer when they can’t simplify it further. So why not keep things as simple as possible? Yes, there is cause to think diligently about things, but overthinking them is detrimental to progress. So why not keep things simple?

I know it sounds idealistic, but big things come from idealistic ideas. I love teaching people how to think and helping them to understand that there are always solutions without violence in simple terms for challenges we find ourselves facing. I love opening people’s minds to new ideas of self-governance and control and escaping the pigeonhole of conforming to the box of normal everyone else is stressed about filling. If I can explain it to a 12-year-old child and have them understand and apply what I’ve taught them, then it’s simple and easy.

We are all human beings, which is the one thing we can rally around. We can be unified when we stop using religion as a benchmark of who is more correct or more virtuous. We can be unified when we stop seeing differences like skin colour, geographic origin, and cultural traditions. We can be unified if we let people be who they are and see the being inside the body in front of us. We can be united in creating a peaceful, loving, caring community of such diversity and beauty. Imagine if we stopped letting the religionists, oligarchs, and pandering politicians control our thoughts and, therefore, our behaviour. If we let the differences be what they are and love each other, our world would be amazing.

We are all human beings, for fuck sake!

The biggest problem that all of our cultures, and 95% of human beings, suffer from is allowing external forces to control our thoughts. We, and I am no exception, get programmed by our cultural ideology and dogma at a very young age. We hand our capacity to think for ourselves to religionists, oligarchs, and pandering politicians. We are not allowed to think for ourselves. Resistance in our various cultures appears when ideology and dogma are forced upon us. Wars break out. Distrust and separation manifest.

We need to learn how to think, study that information and make it knowledge, then apply that knowledge to ourselves, thinking our own thoughts, controlling our own feelings, and producing great actions, liberating us from the control of the masses and our various cultures’ ideology and dogma. When we learn to control ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives, outside forces can no longer control us.

All human beings have four values intrinsic to our DNA. We have the capacity to accept things as they are. We have the capacity to tolerate differences. We all have the capacity to forgive those who disagree with us. We also have the capacity to love everyone and everything, no matter what the circumstances are. Educating people to be aware of these intrinsic values and use them effortlessly is a significant key to engaging in peaceful endeavours. Being a human being to me means simply being. Why cause conflict? Why cause separation? Why should we see differences? Why do we overthink simple things? Why can we not display compassion, empathy, and LOVE openly and freely?

We are all human beings. Naked and free as Nature intended us to be.


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