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My Body

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Far too late in life, I have realized my body is a miracle. I abused my body from the very first day. I took it for granted. I placed it in danger and made it sick. I ate things without thinking about the consequences. I ingested substances that the body wasn’t meant to consume. I covered it in clothes that blocked the sunlight and air from touching it, causing the chemistry in my body to be out of balance. Worry and doubt permeated my thoughts, causing stress hormones to elevate and create more imbalance in my body’s chemistry, creating a body that’s not at ease but a body of dis-ease. All the while, my body would heal and recover from all the self-inflicted wounds. If it became dis-eased, it would heal itself. The doctors would help my body heal by providing prescription medications that placated symptoms while my body did its work to recover.

I have five senses. My body lets me be aware of all the sensory inputs it receives. I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch; this ability to be mindful of it all is a miracle. Without this body, I would be an ethereal, massless wisp of energy floating around the universe somewhere. Incapable of thought. Incapable of emotional experiences. A vast nothingness, yet something. These ideas are tantalizing to explore. It makes me appreciate my body even more and remorseful that I haven’t treated it better.

Over the past 10,000 years, the human body has not changed in its physiology. Ten thousand years ago, we were walking everywhere we wanted to go. We were physically active. We’d occasionally lift something heavy, and for most of our waking hours, we would play at hunting and get better at those skills. We would play at creating and maintaining gardens for food. We would eat fresh fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables with the occasional portion of meat after a good hunt. Water was all there was to drink. Our bodies have never evolved to ingest the substances we now abuse. We are poisoning ourselves today. We would play by building shelters in villages. We would play, doing most of the things we needed to do to survive. Occasionally, we would burst into a dead, full-out sprint to run away from whatever was chasing us or escape some natural phenomenon.

Doing all of this while naked lets our bodies regulate their functions. Sweating is the body’s way of cooling itself. The air touching the skin allows the sweat to be vaporized, thus cooling the skin, which cools the blood circulating through it, which, in turn, cools the rest of the body and, most importantly, the brain. We’d wear skins or clothing of some nature to keep us warm during colder seasons, but we’d shed those skins as our bodies required. We learned to wear skins to protect our bodies while we did work that could damage it. Otherwise, being naked was normal. There were no sexual thoughts about simply being natural and naked. Sexual thoughts happen when we engage in sexual activity, which is normal. Merely being naked was an every-moment event back then. It was normal, and we were free.

I stopped abusing my body when I became aware of my purpose: to free as many minds as possible before I depart this 3D realm to pursue the next phase of my eternal journey. I realized that my body could carry me for as long as necessary to fulfill my dream. I now know that I have to look after this body better than I have in the past, and I pray that my body has recovered from the damage I did back then. My stress-filled thoughts and poor habits created dis-ease in my body, and these are things I am continually working on changing.

If you study it long enough, you’ll realize that Nature creates nothing but balance. Mother Earth provides all things necessary to maintain balance on this planet. Humans interrupt that balance. The body is something that Mother Earth provides, and when it is free, it, too, will seek balance. The only way to free the body so it can be in balance is to have balanced thoughts. Being grateful to your body is a way to release it. Meditation is a great way to let go of imbalanced thoughts and allow the body to heal.

When I’m naked, I want to be as helpful as possible. When I’m naked, my stress is gone. When I’m naked, my thoughts are better. When I’m naked, my body can regulate itself better. When I’m naked, I am free.

Get naked. All you have to lose is your clothes. Free your mind. Your body will thank you.


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