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My Naked Life

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

I think I was naked when I was born. I remember that occasion perfectly, but my recall is a little fuzzy. I mean, I was pretty young at that time, after all. But from the first moment on this planet, I was swaddled up and kept separate from my parents. EWWWWWwwwwww CLOTHES! My little body was already being restricted from being healthy. I know these people meant well, but geez!

As I grew up, I was forced to wear clothes. My mom will tell stories of how frustrated she was trying to keep my diapers on. Whenever she turned around, I'd somehow wriggle out of my clothes and run around naked. At one point, while she was changing me, she looked at the safety pin she was about to put through the cloth diaper and thought to pierce my skin to attach it to my body permanently. YIKES!

Throughout my youth, I would take it if I had an opportunity to be naked. My dad worked shift work, my older brother was a competitive swimmer, and my mom was wholly involved in his activities. My younger brother was a rebel and never at home much. So I often had time to shed my clothes and be natural when the house was empty.

For first-time nudists, getting naked is a sexual act. Arousal is a normal effect of shedding clothes. Yup, it happened to me when I was young but doing activities that took my mind off the fact that I was naked stopped the arousal very quickly. I soon became used to being naked. It stopped being a sexual act until I got involved in dating and, of course, petting and sensual activities. Taking my clothes off in front of my girlfriend was naturally exciting. But after sex, I wouldn't put my clothes on like my girlfriend would. I just wandered around naked and dismissed her asking me to get dressed.

My first outdoor nudity experience happened at nine or ten years old. My friends, three guys, and I would play in a nearby woodlot. Exploring the natural wonders of Mother Earth, talking and joking around, and just being. At that time, there were no worries. I didn't have to pay bills or eke out an existence. We were being human. At one point, one of my friends took his clothes off without saying a thing. The rest of us followed suit. We were all curious about being naked in the woods, and he inspired us to experience it. Well, it left an indelible imprint on me. It felt so right. It felt so natural. The fear of getting caught was not an issue. All four of us were fully erect and had no issue, at least I had no problem, with seeing each other's penises in that state. It wasn't sexual; it was just experiencing total freedom for the first time that caused the arousal.

I now sought every chance to be naked and connected to Mother Earth. I had yet to learn about our intrinsic connection with Nature. I just knew that living life naked is precisely what humans are supposed to do.

Tomorrow I'll write about my young adult life—pornography, my spouses, and how I learnt about Naturism.


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