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Naked Decision

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I learned how to make a decision when I learned how to think. It changed my life. 50% of my life passed me by, and I lived in indecision all that time. I found out far too late in life. My parents never taught me how to. Schools didn’t teach me how to. Post-secondary schools never taught me, either.

I can tell you that I lived in indecision for most of my life. I let other people’s opinions influence my behaviour. I would ask others what they thought I should do and then go and do what they said to do, which always seemed to end in disappointment and discouragement. Often times in financial stress. Other times I felt lonely and abandoned.

I blamed my circumstances, my environment, and other people for my failures. I never took responsibility for myself. I waited for opportunities to come along and missed them or couldn’t recognize them when they bit me on the nose. I was wallowing in self-pity. I was sick at the end of it all. Trying to fit into a pigeonhole someone else built for me. I was living to please others and therefore being controlled by others. I wore suits and ties to fit in. I sometimes practiced sexual activities that would make me feel connected briefly. I was sick. I made poor decisions. Sometimes I made no decisions at all.

When I learned that to be free, I had to be me, my authentic, real, and naked self; I knew that making decisions was necessary. I decided that I shouldn’t allow others to sway my actions. I’d listen to others but form my opinions and act on them. I stopped trying to please others and started to do things that made me happy, like living naked and free. I took responsibility for my actions, and when I started doing that, I found out I knew appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. I lived by the rules of the community in that I resided, worked, or played. I started to act like a human being.

I no longer live in indecision. I have a clear idea of my purpose and goals to achieve. I live naked by choice and don’t allow others to influence my life. I give of my talents and abilities freely, without expecting anything in return. I willingly give my time to help those that help others.

I love my naked life and am glad I make good decisions living it. I’m no longer sick. I’m free. I’m happy. I am authentic.


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