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Naked, Shameless, and FREE

Living life naked isn't rude or lewd. It's natural. It's the way we are supposed to be. It's stinking thinking forced on us by religionists, oligarchs, and politicians that cause the masses to behave unnaturally like sheep. The oligarchs need minions to do their work so they can be rich. The religionists need minions to keep their coffers full. The politicians are puppets that create policies dictated by the oligarchs and the religionists. These people are lust-filled. They all lust for power over the masses.

Nudists understand the physical connection to Mother Earth. Naturists understand the intellectual connection we have with each other and the spiritual connection to Nature, and the physical connection to Mother Earth. Freedom is what we all want. Let's educate the textiled masses, the oligarchs, religionists, and politicians, and we'll have peace, and our planet will be able to sustain us for many more billions of years.

Nudists, it's time for us to take away control from the controlists and give it to the masses by educating them. We are right. The rest are ignorant about absolute freedom.

Let’s stop worrying about what others think of our naked lifestyle and come out of the closet. Let’s get vocal and show the masses what freedom is. Let’s educate them on the foulness of criticism and ridicule and how to co-create instead of greedily acquiring money. Peace and freedom come from expressing love for all things and everyone and being in control of our sexual behaviour and our minds. Self-control means that no one else needs to control us. That’s why I love nudism. We must be more in control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions to experience the freedom we do in a community where nudity is normal.


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