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Naked Unity

I’ve been on the planet a long time. I’ve seen wars and terrorist attacks. I’ve seen staggering inflation and greed control humans. I’ve seen humans perpetrate unspeakable crimes against each other. I’ve seen economic collapse. I’ve seen corporate takeovers and empire-building. I’ve seen people, human beings, needlessly suffer and all for the lust for power and money. I’ve watched as Mother Earth gets more populated with the human virus, lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans get more polluted, natural resources plundered, and the atmosphere irreparably damaged. I’ve seen Humans enslaved to greedy monopolies and bullet, bomb, and war machine makers. I’ve seen very few rich people get richer while Mother Earth and the not-rich people suffer. When I was 20 years old, I wondered how humans became so disconnected from Mother Earth and Nature. Now I wonder if it’s too late to save ourselves and our planet? How did humans get so disconnected from each other? I’ve been around for a long time, and all these things I’ve seen bother me.

But there are things I’ve seen that give me hope. I’m a nudist, a label given to a person who wants to live like he was meant to live. Naked and free. Free from worry. Free from doubt. Free from tyranny. Free from war. Free from oligarchs, religionists, politicians and other controlling people. Naked. No clothes unless I want to wear them. Naked, non-sexual, desexualized, communal thriving freedom. Naked happiness because my body and mind are in homeostasis, a balance that allows the human body not just to live but thrive. I’ve seen communities where there is no hate, no anger, no shame, no violence, no judgment, no warring, no fear, and everyone wears no clothes. Nudists are like-minded people. We seek peace and comfort and create a safe environment for all humans who want to be naked. We aim to help each other find that peace and comfort. No one takes advantage of anyone else. We live to serve each other expressing our talents and abilities and feeling fulfilled in our efforts. In a nudist community, there are people from every walk of life. From the very young to the very old. From nations all over the world. From all religious belief systems. From all political persuasions. From all professions and trades and we all care about each other.

In a nudist community, there is acceptance. There is tolerance. There is forgiveness. Nudists express love for all things and everyone. Yes, we may disagree, but we also agree to disagree. I have never seen two naked people physically fight. We see the person in the body. We know that at the core of every human being, there is a desire to do good and be good, and with that comes the ability to forgive and love.

There needs to be an understanding of what true love means. There are four types of love in my awareness. There’s erotic love we are all familiar with that starts with physical attraction to someone. There’s the paternal love that we have which gives us a need to nurture and guide. There’s the brotherly love that we feel for someone of likemindedness. But above all of these types of love, and any other I’m unfamiliar with, is Agape love (pronounced Ah-gah-pay). Which is a spiritual love, a love for all things and everyone. A natural emotion of love that is found in all human beings, all species, and all things of Mother Earth.

Nudists and Naturists express Agape love very well without thought of doing it. Love, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness are four values that exist in all human beings at the core of our existence. It’s in our DNA. We all want to be good. We all want to be helpful. We all want to be at peace. We all want to do something significant. We all want to express our creativity through our art, skills, compassion, and love.

One unifying factor we all share is that we are all human beings. We are people of diverse ethnicities, religious beliefs, political persuasions, and geographic origins. But we are all the same. We are human. If we accept each other, forgive our diversity, stop seeing the differences and embrace each other, there would be no need for politicians, religionists, or controlists, and the oligarchs would lose their power. We could be free once again. Whether we are naked or not, we can be free. But in nudity, there is unity. Why not start by giving back to humans the choice of what to wear or not wear? Why not allow us to decide for ourselves how to experience true freedom?


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