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Nature, Mother Earth, and Me

I’ve been a meat bag for over half my life. Walking around, commiserating with so-called friends, mindlessly living each day without purpose, eking out an existence, living to work, looking for someone to be intimate with and letting them go after experiencing them, and looking for something to stuff into my face without considering the consequences. Half my life was spent in pursuit of physical pleasure and accumulating money. I consumed and polluted without concern. Sexual urges drove me. My life, to that point, amounted to zero.

I wasn’t of value to anyone. I know that I unknowingly had some influence on people and was indeed some value to a few, but being unaware of what I was doing made me feel hollow inside—a lifeless, loveless meat bag.

At 20, I long since had had enough of the teachings of the religion I grew up in. I knew there was a spiritual connection to something, but I didn’t know what. I looked at the various belief systems, and some of their teachings resonated with me. All the good stuff. All the things that are parallel in all belief systems. But the bad stuff just seemed like rhetoric. Voices that were empty and definitely not right. They appeared to be teachings that were added to scripture to maintain control of the masses. Searching for truth and not finding answers made me wonder if there was a spirit. I think this void of spirituality was the deepest cut in my being. I, for some time, became an agnostic.

At 50, I was almost dead. Sick, depressed, fat, lazy, lethargic, uninspired. No, I was dead. A walking dead. A zombie. There was no joy or happiness. I was doing the same things day after day, not thinking, not living, and not performing well. I was living to work and living from paycheque to paycheque. I had no plans for the future because I didn’t believe I deserved a good life.

Purely by chance, I was introduced to new thought leaders of the world. It came to my awareness when I was at my lowest. What they were talking about and educating people with deeply resonated with me. I had an intuitive kick to my gut that said, these people know something, and I should listen and learn.

I’ve always hated wearing clothes, and these people taught me to believe in what I feel is good and correct. They didn’t say, go naked into the world and be free. They said that what makes us feel good is right for us, and we should embrace it. They are the first to make me aware that I’m not perverted or weird. They made me realize that I’m not immoral. I came to the awareness that I’m not hurting anyone. I’m expressing what I know is good.

Through these new thought leaders, I learned that humans simultaneously live on three planes of existence. The planes of existence are spiritual, intellectual, and physical. We are spiritual (Vibrational) beings, gifted with intellect and manifested in reality on the physical plane in our bodies.

Before my awareness was increased, I lived on the physical plane because I was taught it was all there is. Stuck in my body, barely aware of my intellect and believing I was not smart, with a complete spiritual void that had me wandering around for answers and feeling alone and unfulfilled.

Listening and learning from these new thought leaders, I started to think. I began to think about my place in the world and what purpose I wanted to fulfill. I started to feel again. I began to experience happiness and joy again. It wasn’t the outside world or my circumstances that brought me that joy and happiness; my thoughts changed, and by expressing love and joy, my love and joy came back to me. Nudism is something I’m passionate about. Educating the public about Nudism and showing them that the sexualization of the body is not normal for humans feels good. Enlightening the non-nudist population is what I like doing.

Nudity is experiencing the fantastic sensations our bodies provide when we connect to the physical earth—feeling the air on every inch of our skin and being one with Mother Earth. The sun touching parts of our bodies that textiled society says should be covered for the sake of modesty and purity. Feeling the emotion of excitement by breaking the rules we are accustomed to following and the emotion of relief knowing that what we are doing is correct and normal. Seeing others naked and enjoying themselves interacting with others is a pleasant view our sight allows us to experience. Smelling the flowers and fresh air is nice; seeing others barbecuing and smelling the food cooking is excellent! Tasting the food is even better. Hearing people of all ages talking and laughing is a joyful sound. Listening to the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, birds singing, and crickets chirping is peaceful and joyful.

Becoming aware of these sensations is the first step to experiencing true freedom. Becoming aware that we are infinite beings manifested in the bodies we present to this 3D realm of reality is the next. Nature expresses itself through us.

Nature surrounds us. Nature is in all things animate and inanimate. Nature is the glue, the energy, the spirit that holds all things together. Nature is us, and we are Nature. It’s not hard to imagine this when we become aware of the sensations our bodies produce and ask, “Who or what is observing all this information being delivered?” The answer is, it’s us! The spirit within. The energy that glues all the cells of our bodies together. The infinitely huge, magnificent, unique, and unstoppable person in the flesh, bones, blood, and guts suit we wear. Nature personifies and expresses itself in 8+ billion ways.

So many people believe they are separate from Nature and have dominion over everything in the physical world. It’s a tragic mistake that has led to the pollution of Mother Earth and the plundering of its natural resources. It has led to intellectual separation, causing us to see differences in each other and trying to force each other to live a life according to each other's rules. It is a complete spiritual disconnection that has destroyed human lives to defend an unnatural belief system’s rules. The truth is that humans have dominion over one thing, and that is all things created between their ears. Humans have dominion over their own thoughts. Nature and Mother Earth own everything else. Even the bodies we are blessed to borrow while in this physical world.

Nudism is the spiritual connection to Nature, the intellectual connection to each other, and the physical connection to Mother Earth. Life is AMAZING! It is a gift that so many take for granted and so few see as a blessing. We are all human. We are no more intelligent than any other. We are all the same, yet we are all unique, and all lives matter. Global peace could be realized if we were to rally around the idea that we are all human and learn to love all things and everyone.


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Martin Moulton
Martin Moulton
Jan 09, 2023

Nature & its/her/his “sexuality” is also around us — exemplified brilliantly & exquisitely in — but hardly limited to — Flowers which We still celebrate & embrace & adore. Yet even “Sex” is a crudely abbreviated pejorative ( further denigrated by those who choose to confuse & conflate it with selfish force harm abuse exploitation rape & other inhumane ideas & acts ) for #LoveMaking #MakingLove #ProCreation #SelfLove #Joy — which celebrate & demonstrate Healthy Productive RESPECT & ADORATION & SUPPORT for & Nurture & ReConnect Us with Others & OurSelves & Our Natural Awesome Cosmic ProCreative & JoyFull & Therapeutically Stress-Relieving Bodily Organs ( without which Our Species would not last beyond a generation ) — just as “sexy” is a bastardized term…

Jan 09, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your comment mARTy! I cannot agree with you more.

My mentors are Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Tony Robins, and Joe Dispenza to name but a few. There are others that still influence me.

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