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Self-control and Self-governance

I’ve been asking myself lately, “How is it that my emotional state is controlled by the circumstances I’m living in?” What answer I am receiving is that I’m not allowed to be free. Freedom means peace and calmness in my body, freedom to do what I love, and living in a harmonious, co-creative way with all humans.

My thoughts and actions throughout my life have been governed by what I learned from my parents and the people in my environment. I had prejudices and judgmental thoughts that stopped me from engaging with people of another ethnicity, skin colour, or culture. I judged people and their culture. I’ve come to understand, and it’s true, that when I judge someone else, I’m judging myself. Thoughts of what I believe about myself are projected onto others.

I learned from my parents, who came from a culture recovering from war. The bitterness of that experience is engrained in their subconscious minds. Propaganda repeated over and over, again and again, created the culture they came from. Ideas that were accepted by the masses. As I grew up, I absorbed their judgmental habits because, like all children, we learn by mimicking our parents. As we grow, other influences shape our minds. The deep desire to be accepted by others and belong to a group of like-minded people cause us to take specific ideas as acceptable, and we start to behave in ways that are not natural and not in alignment with who we are. Stress results.

Freedom isn’t something that is granted to people. It isn’t something we need to pay for with our lives or fight for. It’s something that is within all humans. It is the power to control our own thinking. Without a conscious effort to control our thoughts, we are left to be controlled by our environment and those that lust for power over others. Education is understanding and controlling our own behaviour.

Schools are filled with well-meaning and loving people who want to “educate” young minds but what they are instructing is pure waste. Schools don’t increase awareness; they exercise memory. Students of all ages sit in classrooms for three months listening to what are supposed to be lessons on a specialized topic that some, if not most, students have no interest in or resonate with. Then at the end of the three months, they are forced to sit silently in a classroom and undergo a memory test. How much and how well can a student regurgitate what information they can remember is judged and then given a grade.

Schools are information providers. They are not awareness builders. When students prepare for life after school, most are still determining what they will do with the information they have received. Many acquire occupations in a field that has nothing to do with what they studied in school. They come out of school in significant debt and under stress to pay that debt off. Then they fall in love and start a family. Now there’s an obligation to continue on the path set for them by their parents. More stress is induced because now there is less room to live authentically. To be who you are and express yourself as you should to feel fulfilled and joyful.

Education is not gathering information. Education teaches people how to behave in a way they are not currently behaving. Education means understanding who you are and what your purpose is. The whole purpose of life is to find out your purpose and express it with all of your passion.

People are starting to learn HOW to think for the first time in human evolution. Not what to think.

Understanding who you are requires self-study. Life-long self-study. Study of self. Meditating on the question, “What do I want to express?” leads to answers. When you meditate, you’re connecting to Nature. You have all the answers you need. For every sincere question you ask, meditation will provide the answer.

With self-study comes self-control. Control by others is no longer necessary. People who lust for power and authority will no longer be able to inflict their will on others if all humans learn self-control. With self-control comes self-governance. Governments will not be necessary anymore if the world's entire population learns self-governance.

At the core of our DNA, Nature’s laws can be found. With values of acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, and love expressed by all humans, global peace and co-creation can resume on this planet.

Being in control of one's mind is something that Nudists endeavour to learn. Most Nudists demonstrate control of their minds by controlling their sexual behaviour. Self-control leads to calmness of mind and body. Become a Nudist or Naturist and live life like a human being and stop being a human doing.


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