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Stress, The Silent Killer

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the effects of stress on the human body. There are some great articles and videos about the subject, but I have yet to find anyone talking about the root cause of stress. From personal experience, it’s the subconscious habit of thinking negative thoughts. Now how do you eliminate negative thinking habits? By replacing the old bad habit with a new good habit. So what is a habit? A habit is an idea, or a group of ideas tucked away in our Paradigm.

The Paradigm resides in the darkest reaches of our subconscious mind. The Paradigm is a nasty piece of work. Once a habit is formed, the Paradigm will take extraordinary measures to resist any attempt to change a habit. Even to the point of making the body physically ill.

How is a habit formed? Through constant spaced repetition of the same thought. Stress habits start by repeatedly subjecting oneself to stressful situations and thinking the same stressful thoughts over and over. Most of the articles and videos I’ve seen suggest that reducing the amount of time spent in stressful situations and reducing or eliminating causes of stress is helpful. That’s good practical advice, but what about self-induced stress?

Stress is something that we think our circumstances bring us or our environment creates for us. But our thoughts about the circumstance or environment are what cause us to feel stress. I recently faced events that could have caused stress, but I’ve created the habit of thinking, “That’s interesting.” when a challenging situation arises. I can feel my stress levels rise, and when I become aware of my stress, I quickly switch to the “That’s interesting.” thought. Almost like turning on a light, I stop stressing and start to look for ways to resolve the issue instead of being paralyzed by analysis and stress. I’ve learned to respond instead of reacting.

I am currently trying to reduce stress hormones in my body by thinking pleasant and positive thoughts during the day and applying “That’s interesting.” to anything that might raise my stress levels. I’m learning to open my heart and love everyone and all things. Bad situations have become challenges, and I know I can surmount any challenge if given enough time and space to figure things out.

Stress hormones work against good health. I’m not an expert, and I’m not sure of all the mechanical workings of the cells in the human body. Still, I have found out that stress hormones cause the individual cells to become insulin resistant, which increases the possibility of type two diabetes.

I’m on a journey to reduce my stress. I go to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park every Sunday to unplug and unwind. I read, write, plan, and, most of all, chill. I’ll sit under a tress naked on the grass and meditate for hours. Meditation is the best stress reliever. I also meditate before work first thing in the morning to start my day off nicely. Now, work is pleasurable, and when I get stressed out, I take a few minutes to meditate and chill and then get on with my job.

Nudity helps as well. Physically connecting to Mother Earth by feeling the sun and the wind on my naked body, swimming naked, sleeping naked, eating naked, and enjoying the company of my naked friends is the most natural and stressless way of living anyone can experience. The only thing you have to lose being a nudist is your clothes, and that’s a good thing.

Drop me a message if you would like some practical advice about meditation. Let’s get humanity naked and stress-free.


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