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The Body/Mind Connection

Thoughts Feelings Actions Results

Thoughts create feelings.  Feelings create actions.  Actions create results.  Simple right?  Not so much.  95% of the worlds population believe that they have no control over what they think.  That their feelings cause them to think things.  The opposite is actually what happens.

When my awareness of this came to me I realized that I was focusing on all the wrong things.  I started to observe my emotional state on a regular basis.  I knew that if I didn’t like what I was feeling I was obviously entertaining thoughts of a negative nature.

I can also say that every action I took in the past, and it doesn’t matter how far back I go, brought me to this very moment in time and my results are a direct reflection of my thoughts, feelings and actions.  Quite some time ago I didn’t like where I was.  That’s when I became aware that I had to change my actions to create the results I want to have.

I took inventory of my life in three main areas.  Health, Happiness, Wealth.  I was completely bankrupt in all these areas.  Changes needed to happen and that’s when I started studying.  Changes started to appear almost immediately.  My level of happiness increased almost over night.  It started improving because I learned, and soon knew that I could make the changes I want in an almost Godlike manner.

Think about this for a moment.  You just received the dreaded Christmas Visa bill.  You see the number on the bottom line and ANXIETY takes control.  “I spent HOW MUCH?” is what the voice in your head, and possibly vocalized, is saying.  Immediately you start to think of ways to pay that off.  Working longer hours, getting a second job, selling one of your children.  It happens so fast you need a F-18 in full afterburner mode just to keep up with them.  You think it’s the pang of anxiety that’s causing your thoughts to race around your brain but in all actuality, it’s what you thought about the number on the bottom line that caused the anxiety to emerge in the first place.

It’s just a number.  Rational thought will say, “Yup, I overspent but what the hell.  I bought products and services for gifts that my family and friends either enjoyed or are enjoying.  I also bought stuff I wanted.”  In that light you come to realize that you will pay it down when you can and it’ll soon be paid off without selling a child.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions.  If we keep running with the thoughts that create the anxiety we eventually think about ways to relieve that anxiety and one of the most comforting things we’ll do is buy something that’ll make us feel better.  But guess what?  We put it on the very credit card we want to pay off thereby increasing our anxiety.  It’s a secret the banks know.

The actions we take culminate in our results.  So how do we change the results?  Simply by becoming aware of what we’re feeling and changing what we’re thinking if we need to.  If anxiety is present, we can change that like flicking a light switch by changing over to thoughts of a pleasant nature.  By thinking of the end result we want.

You are in control of 100%!of your thinking, but are conscious of what you are thinking about or are you unconsciously walking the planet?

Conscious awareness took me out of the depths of depression and onto a more productive and pleasent path. I'm studying myself. The more I learn the greater I become. I try to be a little better today than I was yesterday. Succes appears by taking small steps.


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