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The End of Greed

Avarice is a sin according to all scriptures, yet we humans seem to be caught in this never-ending need to possess things and live overly opulent lives. The lust for money that a tiny portion of the global population appears to have and the power that comes with possessing hoards of money have divided humans for far too long. The problematic issue I have with greed is that it corrupts people. As I said, only about 1% of the global population controls the majority of the cash available and, therefore, the majority of people on Mother Earth. They are infringing on our human rights to be free. Every human being has a right to be authentic and a human being. This tiny portion of the world’s population has the power to manipulate economies, politics, and armies. How can the average human being survive when greed is in charge?

Most humans, particularly our youths, are starting to see that living to work and accumulate material things is not what life is about. Life is about experiencing the journey. They’re starting to see that to survive, they need to work together peacefully, harmoniously, and productively, providing useful service to each other. I see the global consciousness shifting. We’re starting to see that money is simply a tool to use and not more important than human life, connection, and freedom.

Everything can be monetized. You can measure your personal wealth using it. You can measure your company’s health using it. You can measure entire economies using money. But that’s all it’s good for. You can accumulate and hoard it, which is what greedy people do, or you can allow it to flow through you, using it to benefit someone else.

If you look at how humans behaved before the invention of money, we were helping each other. We just did whatever we needed to do to survive and thrive. We were at peace with each other, Mother Earth, and Nature. Then came people who wanted something for nothing. They invented money so that they didn’t need to work. They took shiny objects and made them more valuable than they were. Brass, copper, silver, gold. All simple elements that can be found if you look for them. But somehow, the value of these metals became greater than providing quality service to each other. Then greed set in. The pursuit of money, hoarding it and using it to get more money and infringing on the rights of others by taxing them. That’s extortion. “Pay the tax, or we will kill you and your family.” Taxation is legalized extortion.

That was thousands of years ago, and greed has been in our consciousness for far too long. There is a consciousness shift happening globally. People are finally getting tired of the greed. We’re starting to see that co-creation is the way of the future. We are returning to the roots of humanity. We’re starting to see that providing quality products and services, reconnecting with each other, and working together to provide happy and healthy lives for everyone is more important than money. We’re starting to repair the damage humans have done to Mother Earth, living by the universal laws set down by Nature. It’s funny to think that if we follow Nature’s laws, we cannot break human-made laws.

We’re tired of false media and negative press writings encouraging division and conflict. “If it bleeds, it leads.” It is the news media’s mantra. They sensationalize innocent events to depict an evil element in them so that they can sell advertising space. Hoarding money is at the root of this behaviour. The greedy rich media moguls and communication giants want to be richer. Not richer in their lives but richer in their wallets. They know that fear and division result in people buying things to make themselves feel more secure. The greedy rich feed off this and use their money to create fear. Humans are becoming aware of these greedy people and their tactics, placing pressure on them to become ethical, co-creative entities.

We humans are starting to seek and express truth. Multi-billion dollar news media and communications companies are beginning to feel the economic pressure to reveal the truth and support peace. Unethical journalists are on the endangered species list. They are prolific in the industry, but now they’re being challenged to verify what they say, and in doing so, their numbers will dwindle.

Napoleon Hill wrote in one of his works that a time will come when the world will eliminate politicians and money when the time is right. That time is approaching. Economies around the world are starting to stall in growth. There are not a lot of things that we need anymore. The future will not contain material things but will be filled with people helping each other for no reason except that it’s fulfilling. Rewards for efforts will come from wherever, and everyone will be looked after. This is the way that humans should behave. Not looking for material riches but looking to develop the riches found within themselves, helping others develop their riches.

Be a human being and stop being a human doing. Shed your clothes and, along with them, fear and worry. Look to help others and be rewarded generously. Don’t chase money; call fulfilment. Fulfilment is the reward for helping others, and money is the tool to measure success.


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Wayne Malleau
Wayne Malleau
Sep 25, 2023

Well written

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