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Think Naked

My mentor, Bob Proctor, said that 95% of the world’s population does not think. The emotional state we wake up in is what we live by for most of our days. We react to our environment and our circumstances.

T.G.I.F. We’ve all thought of this idea at some point in our lives, like Friday is the last day of suffering for the week. But the problem is that we still suffer even if it’s not a weekday. We dread Monday because we have to go back and do something we don’t want to do to earn money. We do what we learned to do and suppress the creative individual we are. We do what we do because we learned that we have to do something to be of service. But we learned to do what we work at to please our parents, clergy, politicians, family, and friends, but we rarely do something that we love to do. The funny thing is that those that do what they love to do are usually far more successful than those of us that work at something we don’t like.

We get into the habit of doing the same things every day. The days never really change, and our incremental improvement year after year makes us wish and pray for a lottery jackpot payoff. We toil at our work, hoping for recognition and praise, and when that does not happen, we start to look for different occupations jumping from one frying pan to the next. We don’t have enough belief in ourselves to take a chance at living a life doing what we want to do. We’ve stopped being human beings and have become human doings.

So how do we change that? Through personal development. The lessons I’ve learned have given me the power to realize that I’m doing what I love doing by keyboarding words like these and giving them to people so that their awareness increases. I’m not making money from this. I do it because I love it. It’s fulfilling to know that I’ve helped someone.

I know that the rewards I’ll get for giving them away will come to me from unexpected sources and when I need them most. I don’t even know what rewards I’ll get, but I know that whatever they are, they directly reflect how much effort I put into it and how many people I reach.

So how does one start to think? It’s simple, it’s fun, but it’s probably the most challenging work I’ve ever done. It’s a matter of changing habits. After ten years of studying myself and trying to change one habit at a time, I’ve become aware of my emotional state at intervals during my day. If I feel something I don’t like, I know that my thoughts cause me to feel what I’m experiencing, and I know I can change those feelings by changing what I’m thinking. “Feelings” is the word we use to describe conscious awareness of the vibration our bodies are experiencing. If we are feeling anxiety, it’s fear that causes it, and it's worry or doubt that are the thoughts that make us fearful. If it’s anger, it’s angry thoughts we’re thinking. If we’re feeling horny, it’s sexual thoughts we’re thinking. Most men don’t believe they can control their erections, but I can attest that if I’m not thinking sexual thoughts or engaged in sexual activity, my penis stays flaccid. If I’m happy, joyful, and at peace, it’s because I’m thinking thoughts of gratitude and love.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, and actions receive reactions which are expressed as the results we see ourselves experiencing. If we don’t like our results, we have a godlike ability to change them, but we have to adjust our habitual way of thinking to experience changes. This is the work we need to do for ourselves.

Being a nudist has given me an opportunity to be free. To be me. I am not trying to squeeze myself into the box of "NORMAL" that most of the world lives in. I express myself creatively and do it naked and free, just like I'm supposed to be. Being naked and free excites me and makes me feel energized and safe. Isn't that how we are supposed to feel as human beings? It's great not to fear criticism anymore. It's great not to fear ridicule. It's liberating to be naked and in the company of other people that love being naked too. It's great to sit with these people and co-create an environment of freedom that everyone can enjoy, where they can feel fearless and shameless. The world should be naked.

The image below is a mind map that might make things I’ve stated clearer. I hope these words and the graphics help increase your awareness. Send me a message if you like what you've read.


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