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Tricky Subject, Simple Solution

It’s been a long time since my last blog. I was pretty troubled about expressing my thoughts on a tricky subject, and It took me a while to figure it out. In my daily life, I hear a lot of talk about transgender issues, and it seems to take up a lot of space in the media. Maybe I have a simple view of things, but I don’t understand the fuss. There are eight billion brains on Mother Earth, and for every brain, there is a different way of thinking and, therefore, another way of living. Why is there such intolerance for someone who wants to be who they are? Who has the power or authority to determine how someone else should live?

The answer that occurs to me is that we still haven’t learned to be human beings. To be free, we need to be authentic and stop trying to fit into someone else’s box of normal. My box isn’t yours, and it’s not fair for me to expect anyone to fit into my box of normal. Nor is it moral for anyone to force someone else to conform to their box of normal. I don’t believe there should be a box of normal at all.

When someone uses criticism, ridicule, or, to an extreme, violence to force someone else to fit into their box of normal, that behaviour is met with great resistance. I try to show people the benefits of being naked and reason with them. If they choose not to listen to me or to try it, I don’t get all twisted and tell them they’re an infidel, hitzonim, or a heretic and try to force them to be naked. I just let them be. I let them be who and what they are. I accept their perspective and their desire to be free the way they want to be free. I tolerate their behaviour as long as they are not trying to infringe on my rights. By doing so, I think I’m being respectful of everyone and everything.

Why can we not just accept each other for who and what we are and be done with all the commotion? Why do some people feel they have the upper hand on how people should behave and try to force them to do so? That’s not human. What gives people the right to cast judgment?

Being human means expressing acceptance and tolerance and letting people thrive by being authentic and free. Why is it so hard for people to do that? I don’t think it’s hard to do at all. I have my way of being, and you have yours. Where we disagree, we can agree to disagree and remain friends. Fellow human beings on our separate but parallel paths back to the Unified Field, god, spirit, or whatever end you believe in.

The conflict arises when we label one way of behaving as “NORMAL” and another as “ABNORMAL.” Who has the authority to determine that and force people to act that way? NO ONE! Yes, we live in specific geographical locations on the earth with good laws and rules that we must abide by, and they also have bullshit laws and rules that certain special interest groups and vocal minorities want everyone to follow. But the bullshit rules are not written for the benefit of humanity and, therefore, shouldn’t be adhered to unless one wishes to do so. If we don’t like a specific law, we have a choice. We can accept it and live with it even though it infringes on human rights, or we can take steps to change the laws that are unjust and controlling.

The laws against being naked in public infringe on human rights. The right to choose what to wear, if anything, and when to wear it is a personal preference and a right granted to us for being humans. Being human means having the right to express who we are. That is the true essence of being free.

So let’s all take our clothes off, sit under a tree, and make a plan together to be happy and free.


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