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True Freedom

For every individual, there is a different definition of freedom. My definition of freedom is behaving in a manner that is acceptable to all—choosing to behave in a way that won’t infringe on the rights of others. Freedom isn’t behaving because others say you must act that way. Unfortunately, society has become this way because most people don’t understand that they can control their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I write about this a lot, but how else do I bring awareness to people? I want to be free. Free from worry. Free from financial concerns. Free to do what I love to do. Free to help as many people as possible be free.

I’m finding that freedom comes from being me. Naked as the day I was born. Being naked out in the open in a place where nudity is acceptable. I’m never naked in a place where that behaviour is not accepted because I don’t want to be charged with a criminal offence. Therefore, my behaviour is being forced on me by the masses that believe in old archaic ideas of modesty. My right to be me has been taken away from me by the religionists, oligarchs, and politicians.

I’ve become free by making good choices. I can think. If I can think, I can become aware of my emotional state. I can control my behaviour if I become aware of my emotional state. If I can control my behaviour, the religionists, oligarchs, and politicians lose their power over me. I have to abide by the laws of the land, but I can also work to change the laws that are oppressive and non-progressive. To change the laws, I have to sway the opinion of the masses. I have to show how we, as a society, are not behaving naturally. We’re doing everything wrong. We’re not supporting and working with each other to create freedom. We aren’t doing what we love to do. We are doing what the schools say is the right way to be. We learn a vocation. We work with that knowledge; for most people, that’s slavery. We’re enslaved to the oligarchs, religionists and politicians. We live to work. We need to live to be. We all want to work together to be productive in helping each other. We want to feel fulfilled and joyful. I believe that we can achieve that.

How do we promote nudism if someone chooses to be a nudist but doesn’t want the rest of the world to know? Many fear repercussions from employers, social networks, or criticism from family and friends if they come out and proclaim their desire for a naked world. I know this because I used to live like this. Then one day, something my mentor had been repeating for years came to me as clear as daylight. If I let criticism and ridicule pressure me to behave the way others expect me to, I’ll never be free. I’ll do exactly what others want me to, so I follow the crowd. Humans have a longing to belong to social groups and to be important. But they rarely live an authentic life being who they are. They force themselves to be someone they are not, which causes stress, and stress causes dis-ease.

I’ve learned that those who criticize or ridicule are people who follow the rules that others follow. If someone steps away from those rules, people will label them and try to force them to behave within their rules. I wish I had become aware of this aspect many years earlier. I would be way ahead of where I am currently if I had. I’ve stopped worrying about what others think about me. It’s none of my business. I’ve found that those that support me appear in my life, and those that would ridicule or criticize me will leave my life. My mentor taught me to pander to the light, and that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s never too late to start over, and I love how my life is manifesting. I have fallen in love with experiencing the journey and focusing on my desired results.

I want to encourage my nudist and naturist friends that have read this far to find true freedom. Be who you are. Let the friends and family that criticize or ridicule leave on their merit and allow those that support and align with you to come into your light. For those that fear repercussions from employers or social networks, I’d recommend taking their power away by owning your naturist and nudist life. They can’t fire you for it, and the social network might open their minds to joining. Remember that criticism and ridicule come from small people. Feel sorry for them and then help them become bigger by assisting them in understanding through increasing their awareness of what nudism and naturism is all about. The sooner the world becomes naked, the sooner we’ll have peace and harmony.


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Martin Moulton
Martin Moulton
09 thg 1, 2023

Bravo. Namaste. Your Brilliant Heroic statements & stance are sorely needed in this dark world. We wish You would Come Out & Enjoy the LIBERTY & FREEDOM some have carved out in Our little corner of “the land of the ¿free?” & get a taste of cosmopolitan bustling urban Social Public Nudism, in one of the most iconic cities on Earth, so You can realize that Naturists & Nudists have Legions of closeted-nudist Fans & an ever growing voluntarily Nudist-Friendly business community which accepts our $$$ & serves Us with the same dignity & respect they serve every•body; & verify for YourSelf that Social Public Nudism harms NO ONE ( We Nudists actually have a “lower carbon footprint” than most!…

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