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We Were Born To Stand Out

I think that’s why I love being a Nudist. I do not fit into the average view of socially acceptable behaviour. I have never fit in. I have never followed the crowd. I’ve been a loaner wishing I was more relaxed and able to fit in with the cool kids. But the problem is that the cool kids are sheep too. They talked the same shit. They wear the same shit. They play the same shit. Fuck that! I play what I like; if they want to play the same thing, AWESOME. If not, AWESOME! If they're going to judge me, call me weirdo, ridicule me, too bad for them. They’re the ones with small minds. I’ll forgive them, feel sorry for them, and invite them to play what I’m playing.

I want to help others be authentic; nudism is a path to finding that. When you shed your clothes of oppression, it’s liberating, and you can start on a path to freedom. Your path! I believe that there are 8 billion paths to freedom and that those that believe there is only one path are manipulative, control-lusting, power-hungry people. Watch out for those that will ridicule, criticize, and use coercion and violence to force you to follow the crowd. I call them small people. Small-minded, not physically small.

Tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, and love are all we must express to shine. Let’s rally around being human and forgiving all differences, and we can co-create a wonderful, harmonious, fun, and peaceful world. A naked and free world.

Shed your skins of oppression and feel secure in being authentic. Nature has you in its arms, protecting you from harm. No one can hurt you unless you let them.

We are not born to conform but to STAND OUT AND SHINE!


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