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Wealth Vs. Greed

I love being a Naturist. I think I have a better handle on what it means to be wealthy because of my association with naked people. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. Wealth isn’t necessarily having more money than you need and hoarding it. Wealth is having good health and enough money to be free by meeting one’s basic needs and using what’s left over to benefit humanity. Wealth is being free of spirit and feeling happy and fulfilled. It’s being selfless and freely giving one’s talents and abilities with love and compassion. It’s expressing one’s creativity, uncensored without fear. It’s being free and joyful. And should the rewards for living such a life bring monetary wealth, it was earned by giving services or products to people who want them and use them. Wealthy people give way more in use value than what they receive in monetary value for their products and services. Wealthy people are passionate about helping others be wealthy. Wealthy people understand and apply the principle of co-creation by creating products or services that benefit people and can help people be prosperous. Wealthy people are filled with love and generosity. Wealthy people have no problem showing vulnerability. Wealthy people are in control of their thinking. Wealthy people have a high sense of morality, never infringing on the rights of others. Wealthy people display happiness and kindness. They show compassion and a willingness to be helpful. Wealthy people are a joy to be in the company of. Wealthy people stay calm in poised in the face of adversity or when facing challenges. They co-create solutions to challenges and allow others to use their talents and abilities to manifest them. Wealthy people nurture employees and help them grow as human beings. Wealthy people see their employees as assets and invest heavily in them. Wealthy people give generously and receive graciously.

There is no such thing as something for nothing. That is a universal law. Taking without giving. Loving money more than people. Oligarchs and corrupt politicians are examples of people who would enslave humans to line their pockets and bank accounts. Greed is a vile and abusive state of mind. It causes humans to enslave humans. Banks enslave hard-working individuals. Oligarchs make minions out of beautiful well-meaning people who want nothing more than to be free and fearless. Schools create those minions for the oligarchs. Politicians pander to the oligarchs and continuously bleed the masses to keep them in fear and separation. Religionists feed off fear and separation by using coercion, criticism and ridicule, creating fear amongst their flock who fill their coffers in the hope of gaining entrance to heaven. Greedy people are sinful. Looking at greedy people throughout history, they all seem to die in poverty. The poverty of money, paying to recover from the poverty of health. In some cases, they die of poverty of spirit by committing suicide. In some cases, they die in the prisons they were sent to by the courts for committing crimes. In most cases, they live a walking death, experiencing hell on earth because they are weak in compassion and constantly seeking ways of getting something for nothing. Greedy people are good at accumulating money but poor in spirit, compassion, and health. Greedy people are the true definition of small people. A people of small-mindedness. Their only focus is the bottom line, and they don’t care how they get it and usually try to get as much as they can without giving a fair equivalent in use value in return. Greedy people have a foul demeanour. They are not pleasant to be associated with. They are constantly worried about the bottom line and will chastise, criticize, and ridicule those that would spend their money. Employees are seen as resources to be plundered. They spend no money to nurture people or help them when they are in need. Greedy people will tithe to their churches to buy their way into heaven. Greedy people are nasty, hard-headed, and vulgar. Greedy people will fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Greedy people will fall to pieces and display anger and hurl insults when faced with challenges and adversity. Greedy people pound their fists on tables and demand results. Greedy people threaten individuals to get results by saying, “If you can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can.” Greedy people try to get something for nothing. Greedy people infringe on the rights of others for personal gain, which is the definition of immorality.

This is why being a Nudist or Naturist is so beneficial. A community that does not criticize or ridicule. A community of acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, and love. A community that shares what they have and expects nothing in return. A community where people help each other just because they can. A community that co-creates events to be enjoyed by all and solutions to challenges faced for the benefit of all. A community that promotes individualism and the creation of art. A community that lets people be human beings. We respect each other, and we respect ourselves. We are concerned about the environment and know we are part of the ecosystem. We are responsible human beings and custodians of Mother Earth. Being a Nudist or Naturist is normal. Textiled society is abnormal.

I love being naked and free, sitting on the grass or beach, connecting with trees, and feeling the sun and the warm wind's breeze. Fresh air and love are all that I need.


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Muhizi Yussuf
Mar 02, 2023

I like to join group nudit a live France Lyon how can I meet the group pls

Mar 03, 2023
Replying to

Hi Muhizi!

There is an association of nudists in France and the International Federation of Naturists. I’d become a member of those and see where local groups can be found through them.

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