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Without This Beautiful Naked Body

I sat back in my chair and wondered about my body. I think it’s fantastic. I have five senses to use to experience my surroundings and make sense of the circumstances that come my way. But what would life be like if I didn’t have this body?

It’s a weird idea. I suppose I wouldn’t be alive at all. No consciousness. No ability to express myself. No way to be creative. There is no way to see my surroundings, feel the touch of sunlight, smell the odours surrounding me, hear the sounds that envelop me, or taste the food that nourishes me. Would I be anything at all if I didn’t have this body? I simply wouldn’t be.

I am blessed to possess this perfect, self-healing machine. The magic it performs to create a vessel of consciousness is staggering to my imagination. It truly is a miracle.

I am the consciousness, the spirit, the soul that resides in this body. This body allows me to live and be conscious—a symbiotic relationship. My body responds to the way I feel. Emotions drive it. I create my feelings by using my mind to think and get emotionally involved with those thoughts. My body must then act on those emotions. If I have happy thoughts or peaceful, loving, compassionate thoughts, my body will express that in the best way it can. If I think fearful thoughts and allow worry and doubt to enter my mind, my body will express my anxieties. My body will express terrible, angry things if I think hurtful or hateful thoughts. I am in control of 100% of my thinking. But am I consciously aware of the thoughts I’m thinking?

For the majority of my day, my thoughts run rampant without conscious awareness of what I am thinking. It’s a habit I formed at birth. But new habits that I am constantly working on are practicing emotional awareness. If I stop to wonder what my emotional state is, I can understand that I may or may not be entertaining ideas that move me forward.

Negative ideas, such as worry and doubt, don’t allow me to grow. They manifest in my body as anxiety and cause my body to stop being at ease. As I grew up, I wallowed in self-pity. I was forever thinking about worst-case scenarios and what possible repercussions I would experience in the future. I had no vision of the possibilities I could experience, only repetition of the same things I’ve experienced in my past. What I term “The Doom Cycle.” I lived in fear from the day I was born to the fifty-second year of my life.

My body responded to those negative thoughts by expressing panic attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar levels. I ate to comfort my sick thinking. I ate to placate my feeling of anxiety. I drank or smoked weed and became a vidiot to suppress the mental noise. I had sex to experience a hit of dopamine to feel better. But all these were fleeting experiences and did nothing to help my body. It felt lethargic. I felt weak and overweight and was uninterested in creating or attending events that would help me grow. My body was in a state of dis-ease because my thoughts were eternally negative.

The idea that I would have to take medications for the rest of my life left a sour feeling in my body. I wouldn’t say I like the idea of placating symptoms. I had to get to the root cause of my illness. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

At the age of 51, Bob Proctor appeared in my awareness. He had been teaching personal development for some 60 years at that point. He was an expert in thought control. With Bob came the awareness of a plethora of other New Thought Leaders. Tony Robins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Kyle Cease, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and many more. These instructors taught me how to think and changed my life forever. I can't go back to old ways of thinking. I have exchanged bad habits for good ones, and I have never been as healthy as I am now.

I’ve stopped criticizing others and realized that everyone is on their own journey, and my journey isn’t theirs. I see the beauty in everyone. I see the spirit they are. Not their physical being or the actions that they create. I see them.

Changing my thinking habits has created this beautiful body. I’m proud of my Dad-bod and love being naked to exhibit it. If I can go from 220 pounds of fat and lethargy to 165 pounds of vital, energetic love by changing my thought habits, then anyone can.

I am on a path of lifelong learning. My education is incomplete, and I hope it will never be complete. I see the good in people, and I want to co-create a naked and peaceful world. I want humans to be human again.

Who wants to join me in my quest?


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