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Happy to be Naked

I’m really overjoyed with the freedom of belonging to the Naturist and Nudist communities. I look at the current state of affairs of our political systems and various cultures globally, and I’m not surprised that such stress and uncertainty exist. But me, I’m free. I realize that I have to live by the laws of the land I’m in, and that varies due to geography. I know that I have to be of useful service to earn an income. I also know that if I don’t try to bend or break natural laws, I can’t bend or break human laws.

During my daily activities, providing service in the form of fixing mechanical things is how I earn income to meet my basic needs consistently. But for the rest of the time, I’m writing books and out in the view of the public promoting Naturism and Nudism. My work is simply that, work. I do it because I’m good at it, and it brings me a paycheque that meets my basic needs. But the fulfilling parts are promoting Naturism, writing books, presenting my knowledge, and trying to educate people. So far, fulfilment is the only reward I get for doing it, and that’s okay because I know it will eventually become a full-time gig.

I’ve come to ask myself, how can I live a natural life? What is a natural life? How can I discover that and teach others to live the same way? Thus far in my journey, I’ve found that to live a long and healthy life naturally, I need to keep my body in a state of homeostasis. That means that my body’s chemistry is in natural balance. So I had to find out how to do that. I also discovered that I must create balance in my environment to survive. Nature keeps everything in balance on Mother Earth. Therefore, if I become a custodian of Mother Earth, the likelihood that she will continue to provide an abundance of everything I need to survive is ensured. You have to give before you get.

Good diet, exercise, attend or create events, make friends, help as many people as possible, and most importantly, have a great PMA. A Positive Mental Attitude is what brought me from the brink of suicide to the elevated and free life I now live. Through my teachings, I found that I have to find balance on all three plains of existence to be healthy in spirit, intellect, and body. So, I practice being consciously aware of what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing. I can’t do that 100% of the time, but I can practice it as often as possible to check in and see if my PMA is off track or anything but a PMA.

Sounds simple, right? I like simplicity. It seems that our crazy world overthinks everything. We overcomplicate simple living and make life very difficult. We stress endlessly about money, family, politics, work, and a host of other concerns. We try to pigeonhole ourselves into a small box of cultural norms that don’t fit anyone. None of it is so important that we should suffer ill health at the hands of our culture, environment, and circumstances.

That was a revelation for me. Yeah, I have to deal with my bills and pay my taxes, but I don’t have that much to worry about. Worry and doubt, I discovered, are two altered states of mind that I was programmed to think. It’s a mental disease that I suffered from for all my life. It started as incorrect and unnatural programming I received from my parents from the day I was born. Then I smartened up halfway through life, but still, I smartened up. Better late than never, I guess. I started my personal development journey and became a Bare Oaks Naturist Park member, and I have never been happier. Freedom is an inside job. It started by changing what I was thinking.

It’s not the Naturist park that made the change; it’s the freedom I experience there. Life is much easier when you have a community you know you belong to. If I ever need help, I’ll find it from my friends at that park. That kind of security has helped me develop a great PMA.

Living in fear, which is the child of needless worrying and doubting my abilities, for over five decades, some awful, negative ideas got lodged in my subconscious mind. Fear manifests as anxiety, and that feeling is a result of stress hormones coursing through the body. Put that stuff through a body long enough, and organs start to fail. My cholesterol and glucose levels are elevated, and to my understanding, that is a direct result of stress hormones at elevated levels for an extended period. Yeah, fifty years of extended time.

Since my education started, I’ve found it much easier to live, not overthink, and relax more. I learned that worrying about my job or relationships and halting my never-ending pursuit of money and material wealth has given me freedom. The icing on the cake is shedding my clothes and being as vulnerable as possible while connecting to Mother Earth, Nature, and people. Taking time for myself and not trying to please everyone around me has been the tonic that my body needs. Naked and natural under the trees, working to help others and awakening to my thoughts, feelings, and actions have given me greater joy and gratitude. What a difference to who I used to be.

The whole world could benefit from learning how to think and stop indoctrinating young minds with what to think. Freedom starts in the mind. Where there is freedom in the mind, freedom in the environment and circumstances follow.

Naked and at-ease, free from the state of dis-ease, happy and grateful to be free.


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