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Madness of Selfishness.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The world seems to be falling apart in the fall of 2023. War is still raging in the Ukraine. War is breaking out in Bosnia. The woke and religiosity are taking over the US government, which is divided and counterproductive. The Israelis are pounding the Palestinians because of religious and territorial issues. The Canadian government is turning Canada into an authoritarian state. Transgenderism is at the forefront of everyone’s awareness, and it seems that humanity has become selfish to an extreme. Selfishness is a terrible thing that we developed through our evolution. It’s an uncontrolled egotistic entity because most people don’t understand how to think.

People stopped being human beings thousands of years ago and started being human doings. I get it. Survival is a selfish endeavour. Look out after myself and my family, and the rest be damned. Gather as much material wealth as possible, which means security and high stature. Fight for ideology and religious beliefs. Murdering someone in the name of survival is supposedly ok. Legalized mass murder is called war to justify atrocities. Human beings are committing suicide because they feel unseen and unheard. Avarice is a legacy of survival and how we practice selfishness. Selfishness is what’s at the bottom of it all.

It might sound like I’m criticizing, but it’s not to shame people into behaving as I want them to. That would be immoral. I’m attempting to bring awareness to people so that we can collectively make changes to our world for peace and freedom for all. We have the right to believe what we will, but we don’t have a right to infringe on other people's rights by forcing them to believe or behave as we will them to.

Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling and meaningful when we help someone else have a safe, secure, healthy, and happy life? Would that not bring you peace, security, health, and happiness? Suppose we, human beings, would shift from survival to abundance and be free to use our talents and abilities openly and express our creativity by helping others. Would we not experience a better world?

Selfishness, I define as thinking any negative thoughts. We worry and doubt constantly. It’s not something we want to do, but we have been programmed to do it because our ancestors started doing it, and we’ve passed it down from generation to generation throughout history.

Negative ideas are sinful because of their damage to the human body. Stress, which we all suffer in some degree of severity or another, causes Cortisol to flow through the body, changing the body’s chemical makeup to turn toxic. Illness manifests, and with the pain from the illness, more negative thinking results. It’s a never-ending doom cycle we’ve evolved to experience daily. If we allow negative thoughts to permeate our thinking for an indefinite period, it leads to depression. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and the ultimate expression of selfishness. What is depression except negative thoughts creating a victim mentality? Taking responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions allows us to stop playing the blame game. Taking responsibility for oneself will enable one to control one's circumstances and results.

Selfishness can be seen when someone uses ridicule, criticism, and violence to shame or force people to conform to their way of behaving. Selfishness makes someone believe they are the only people who are right and possess the only box of normal that everyone else has to fit into. Religionists, those that are fundamentalists and zealots, are the most selfish of them all. This is demonstrated in how the political system in the US is failing its citizens. The problem here is that their box of normal isn’t normal, and they use criticism and ridicule to shame and force others to yield to their demands. And cowards, too fearful of criticism, bend to their will.

Natural is natural, and that’s all any human being wants to experience. We want a natural way of living and being. Keeping the body in homeostasis is how we want it to be. It’s the natural state of our bodies, but if we keep thinking negative thoughts, we’ll unbalance it and take it out of homeostasis. The selfishness of oligarchs, religionists, and their pandering politicians makes it difficult for the average person to exist in a state of homeostasis. That’s why I said we all suffer from stress in some degree of severity. Keeping us in a state of stress is what the controlists want. Where there is separation and fear, there is a method of control and earning money.

Selfishness is having more concern for one’s own possessions and people in their sphere of influence than anything else. Selfishness is seen in the idea, “The rest of the world can look after itself.” The problem with this attitude is that when one supports these ideas, they will go through life alone. But if we educate selfish people to become selfless, if we teach them how to think, their lives will change along with everyone else.

Suppose they selflessly help others without expecting anything in return. In that case, they’ll find that they’ll be surrounded by people willing to help them without expecting anything in return either. Reciprocity will return rewards for their selfless service in ways that may not necessarily come from the people they’re helping. If everyone would selflessly help someone daily, does it not make sense that everyone would prosper?

I’ve visited several Naturist communities thus far and plan to visit more. But I guarantee that any Naturist community I see will have the same ideology as that of Bare Oaks. That is selfless service to others.

Being Naked is Natural. Being selfless is Natural. Don’t they go hand in hand?

Naked and free is what we all should strive to be.


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